World’s Highest Railway-Arc Bridge in JK

Union Minister, shared photos of the Chenab Bridge, the world's highest railway bridge.

Dr Jitendra Singh, Union Minister, shared photos of the Chenab Bridge, the world’s highest railway bridge, which is part of the ambitious Udhampur-Srinagar-Baramulla rail connection (USBRL) project. The iconic arch bridge on the Chenab River, which is 1.3 kilometres long and located in the district of Reasi in Jammu and Kashmir, is being built by Indian Railways.

The bridge is presently under construction, and once completed, it will stand 359 metres above riverbed level, higher than Paris’ Eiffel Tower, according to the ministry.

“Beautiful photos of the arch of the 1,315m long Chenab bridge, which is now under construction in #Reasi, #JammuAndKashmir. The bridge will be 359 metres above riverbed level when finished, higher than Paris’ Eiffel Tower, making it the world’s highest railway bridge”, the union minister wrote on Twitter.

The Chenab bridge, which cost Rs. 1,486 crores to build, intends to improve communication in the Kashmir Valley. It is claimed to be the largest civil-engineering difficulty encountered by any railway project in India in recent history, according to the Ministry of Railways.

Chenab Railway Bridge: Key features

  • Chenab bridge length: 1,315 metre
  • Chenab Bridge height: At 359 metres above riverbed level, it will be the world’s highest railway bridge.

Chenab Bridge weight: The arch’s entire weight is 10,619 MT.

The bridge will be 35 metres taller than Paris’s famous Eiffel Tower.

Chenab Bridge designers: M/s WSP (Finland) designed the viaduct and foundations; M/s Leonhart, Andra and Partners (Germany) designed the arch; and Indian Institute of Science Bangalore designed the foundation protection.

  • The bridge was built with 28,660 MT of steel, 10 lakh cubic metres of earthwork, 66,000 cubic metres of concrete, and 26 kilometres of motorable roads.
  • For structural detailing, the most advanced ‘Tekla’ software is employed.


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