Will Omicron be able to boost Delta’s resistance? Information is provided by a scientist

Omicron is experiencing rapid transmission across the United States. To stop the virus from spreading, numerous governments have implemented COVID standards. In this circumstance, Soumya Swaminathan, the World Health Organization’s Chief Scientist, emphasized the importance of increasing immunity to combat the virus.

Soumya Swaminathan, the World Health Organization’s Chief Scientist, recently jotted down a few details concerning Omicron. She claims that Omicron can aid in the body’s development of Delta immunity. It does, however, come with certain restrictions.

According to Soumya Swaminathan, vaccines who have been infected with Omicron will develop immunity against Delta. Unvaccinated people, on the other hand, are unable to do so.

Soumya Swaminathan said that vaccinated people who have been affected with Omicron will grow the immunity to fight Delta. However, it is not possible for unvaccinated people.(Reuters)

Soumya responded to research that claimed that vaccines would aid in the fight against Omicron, noting that becoming infected with COVID isn’t the only option.

According to the study, both unvaccinated and vaccinated patients were impacted by Omicron. Vaccinated patients, on the other hand, were able to combat the virus more successfully in the later stages of the variation.

Soumya addressed a study that stated that vaccine will help in fighting Omicron, and added that getting affected by covid is not the only alternative to taking vaccine.(File Photo)

According to the study, vaccinated patients have developed immunity to both Delta and Omicron. As a result, being influenced by Omicron isn’t the only way to combat Delta. Vaccines will aid in the battle against both types.

The aforementioned research stated that Omicron affected both unvaccinated and vaccinated people. However, in the later stage of the variant, it is observed that vaccinated people have been able to fight the virus more effectively.(Reuters)

Omicron transmission has been shown to be highest in 29 Indian states. India has recorded 682 new Omicron cases in the last 24 hours. In India, there are 8891 people who have been impacted by Omicron.

In 29 states of India, Omicron transmission is observed to be maximum. In the last 24 hours, India has seen 682 fresh Omicron cases. The total count of Omicron-affected people in India stands at 8891.(Reuters)

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