There are two Omicron symptoms that should not be overlooked.

The new Omicron variant of Corona stands in front of the world as a new problem and a new subject of concern. Various claims are being made regarding its severity, transmission rate and symptoms. This variant is said to be many times more infectious than Delta. Its cases are increasing rapidly in India too an in such a situation, it is very important to recognize the symptoms and take necessary precautions without ignoring them.

During the last wave of the epidemic, cold-cough and fever were one of its most common symptoms and most were effected by this during the winter season. It is important to recognize its symptoms again amidst the increasing cases of Omicron. According to health experts, two symptoms of Omicron are completely different from the common cold. By identifying them, infection of this new variant can be avoided in time.

Headache, one of the symptoms of Covid, photo source: TOI


So far, studies are done to understand the behavior of Omicron. According to experts, its symptoms are different from the actual strain of Corona. Experts say that it is common for different variants to have different symptoms and same is the case with Omicron. The symptoms of omicron are similar to those of a cold, but it begins gradually with two unusual symptoms, which are headache and fatigue.

ANI tweeted the symptoms of Omicron stated by Angelique Coetzee, South African Medical Assn Chairperson, “#Omicron (symptoms)would mostly be fatigue. It would be body aches & pains. Some of them got quite a severe headache & tiredness. But nobody mentioned loss of smell/taste,severely blocked nose or severe temperature.”



According to the WHO, the new variant is three times more infectious than the previous one and can infect more people. This virus can also protect against vaccine and natural infection immunity.The data till date suggests that the symptoms of Omicron are not as severe as those of Delta. Some of the common symptoms of Omicron include mild fever, which goes away on its own. Apart from this, fatigue, prickling in the throat, and a lot of pain in the body are Omicron’s special characteristics. However, unlike Delta, symptoms like loss of taste and aroma are not observed in Omicron.


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