The gameplay from Devolver Digital’s Trek to Yomi is to be released soon

Devolver Digital has finally published a gameplay clip for Trek to Yomi

Devolver Digital has finally published a gameplay clip for Trek to Yomi, their eagerly awaited samurai action game. The game’s beautiful black and white appearance and dramatic perspective drew initial attention when it was first shown off in June of this year.

The plot revolves around Hiroki, a lone warrior who makes an oath to protect his town and the people he loves from all threats in a 2.5D graphic style. There is a revenge angle; we witnessed our master being murdered right in front of our eyes as a child and the monochromatic teaser, with its widescreen aspect ratio and an old sound design that lacks clarity, immediately brings to mind Akira Kurosawa’s flicks.

Trek to Yomi appears to combine different supernatural entities, based on old Japanese folktales, in addition to the standard archers and spearmen from the feudal period. “Players will face off against myriad enemies across beautiful and terrifying lands, including spearmen, archers, riflemen and even beings believed to be nothing more than folk tales,” According to the press release. In the game, the players will come across shrines as they go across the world, which they can use to store their progress.

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