PUBG Battlegrounds ‘Free to Play’ New Regulations

F2P Battlegrounds rules and restrictions have been updated in PUBG Battlegrounds. The new regulations will take effect on January 12, 2022.

Users have been increasing since the video game business PUBG Battlegrounds announced its F2P (free-to-play) edition of PUBG would be released on January 12, 2022.

“The Company’s Terms of Service for PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS (STEAM, PS4, XBOX, STADIA) will be updated due to a change in the gaming method (pay-to-play to free-to-play)”, the team explained.

Here are the updated PUBG F2P BATTLEGROUNDS terms of service:

Without prior notice to players, the firm may upgrade, change (including without limitation, from a paid-to-play (“P2P”) to a free-to-play (“F2P”) model), or terminate the Game or Game Software, or discontinue supplying either or both.

Users will have free access to the game once it becomes F2P, but they will need to use G-Coins to purchase and use paid content within the game.

From January 12, 2022, all of these terms of service will be in force. The company has the right to upgrade, replace, or terminate the Game or Game Software, as well as discontinue the offer, at any time.

Gamers will still have to pay for some locked in-game items if they use the F2P technique. These products are available for a one-time cost of $12.99 for an “account upgrade”.

The gaming company has been focused on improving the user’s online video game experience. To combat the usage of cheat software in PUBG BATTLEGROUNDS, they implemented the anti-cheat system ZAKYNTHOS.

This system includes capabilities such as automated machine learning based identification of cheat software, 24-hour monitoring of ranking matches, kernel driver implementation, and more.

According to their research, their anti-cheat technology Zakynthos has reduced the use of cheat software by roughly 28% compared to last year.

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