Nick Jonas’ reaction to Priyanka Chopra’s performance in “The Matrix Resurrections”

Priyanka revealed that Nick was "very excited about her being inducted into the famous science-fiction genre,"

In an interview ahead of the premiere of The Matrix Resurrections, actress Priyanka Chopra stated that her husband, Nick Jonas, had seen the new film and thought it was “amazing.” In the fourth Matrix film, Priyanka plays the adult Sati, 18 years after the last one, The Matrix Revolutions.

Priyanka revealed in an interview with Extra that Nick was “very excited about her being inducted into the famous science-fiction genre,” as he was a ‘huge fan’. He’d also seen the film, which will be released in theatres and on HBO Max on December 22. He’s my husband, he’ll have to say that I’m fantastic!” Priyanka said when asked about his reply. “He thought it was amazing,” she said earnestly.

Priyanka also talked about her recent third anniversary with Nick in another interview conducted as part of the first round of press interactions leading up to the film’s release. Nick came around and ‘hang out on set, she recalled, even though she was “at work virtually all day.” Later, they had a “peaceful night” to themselves.

After her father, the late Ashok Chopra, she says Nick is the ‘most encouraging man’ she has met. “What makes my husband so valuable to me is how much of a supporter he is,” she continued.

 Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, Carrie-Anne Moss, Jessica Henwick, and more join Priyanka in the new Matrix film. Lana Wachowski directed The Matrix Resurrections for the first time; she co-directed the previous three films with her sister, Lilly Wachowski.

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