Longer video stories on Instagram may be cut out soon

The limit on clips has been one of Instagram's flaws when it comes to sharing video stories so far

The minute limit on clips has been one of Instagram’s flaws when it comes to sharing video stories so far. Clips that last more than 15 seconds are automatically divided into numerous stories. However, it appears that the platform is now attempting to increase the time limit to 60 seconds, allowing clips of up to a minute to be published as a single file to stories.

Instagram is presently contacting the restricted set of people who have received the upgrade about the change, according to Twitter user Matt Navarra (@MattNavarra). Instagram will be able to surpass competing apps like Snapchat, which does not allow users to post or send longer films as a single upload.
Following the addition of the popular ‘Reels’ feature and other video features, which allows anyone to reply to comments on their Reels with another Reel, Instagram is now focused more on videos than photographs.

The addition of a 60-second timer is not the only new feature. When writing a story to post, the platform also uses a new UI. Adding components like the location or tags to other accounts is considerably easier with this new interface than before.

Because the feature is currently in its testing phase, we don’t know if it will be carried out to additional locations. If we do, users will most likely see it as part of a new Instagram update, which will be available for download from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

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