India successfully test-fired Agni Prime missile

Off the coast of Odisha, India successfully test-fired a new generation Agni Prime missile.

According to a government official, the missile test completed all of its mission goals with exceptional precision.

India successfully test-fired the Agni Prime missile off the coast of Odisha at Balasore on Saturday, according to government sources.
The Agni-P is a next-generation improved derivative of the Agni missile series. It’s a canisterized missile with a range of 1,000 to 2,000 kilometres.

According to an ANI report, the nuclear-capable strategic missile Agni Prime received a slew of new features during the test.
An official was cited as saying, “The missile test met all of its mission goals with a high level of accuracy”.

Agni-P, also known as Agni-Prime, is a medium-range ballistic missile being developed by the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) as a successor to the Agni-I and Agni-II missiles in Strategic Forces Command’s operational service, with significant upgrades such as a composite motor casing, manoeuvrable reentry vehicle (MaRV), improved propellants, navigation, and guidance systems.
It is the sixth ballistic missile in the Agni (missile) series. Agni Prime can be kept in a canister or transported by train.

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