Big Boss 15: Salman Khan compared ‘baddimag’ brother Asim Riaz to Umar Riaz

Salman Khan slammed Big Boss 15 contestant Umar Riaz and schooled him not to take any advice from brother Asim Riaz

On the latest Weekend Ka Var episode of Big Boss 15 on Sunday, Salman Khan scolded Umar for his behaviour with Karan Kundra and Tejasswi Prakash and later educated him not blindly follow his brother Asim’s advises.

Salman Khan berated Karan Kundra for protecting Tejasswi and later truned to Umar for his wrong behaviour with Karan and Tejasswi. ““Tum doctor ho, tum mein koi tameez nahi hai, dimaag nahi hai, sense nahi hai tum mein, kya yeh jahilpanti dikha rahe ho. Educated insaan ho yaar, level pe rahe. Mujhe pata hai ki tum ghar ke bahar aise nahi ho. Jaise tum behave kar rahe ho, kya kar kya rahe ho? Tumko lagta hai aisa karne se number badh jaenge? Ghatenge hi. Izzat kamao, shohrat automatically mil jaegi. (You are a doctor, don’t you have any mannerss? Why are you behaving in such an uncouth manner? You are an educated person, stay level-headed. I know you are not like this outside this Bigg Boss house, you are a good person. Do you think you will benefit with this behaviour? You can only lose. Earn some respect and fame will follow).” said Salman Khan, trying to school him for what he did.

After asking Umar to behave properly, Salman compared him to his brother Asim and told him that they are way different and asked him why he was following his brother’s footsteps. “You have this thing, you are damn good, really good guy. Asim baddimag tha, aisa hona chahiye. Dekho dono bhaiyo me farak. Ek season mein woh ladta tha jhagadta tha, aur isko dekho kitna suljha hua insaan hai yeh. Yeh nahi chahiye aapko? Ya aapko Asim ke footsteps pe jaana hai…cheekhna, chilana, poke karna (Asim was short-tempered. Do you want people to say that Asim fought on the show but his brother did not, or do you want them to say they the brother are same? Who asked you to follow Asim’s footsteps?).” Added Salman.


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