‘Bhade Ka Pati’ Abhijeet Bichkule apologises to Rakhi Sawant

Bigg Boss 15: Abhijeet Bichkule apologises to Rakhi Sawant for his 'bhade ka pati' statement; later calls the show fake saying, 'Sab acting chalti hai yaha'

Abhijeet Bichukle, a former Bigg Boss Marathi competitor who has entered BB15 as a wild card contestant, is renowned for making harsh remarks on the program. However, on last night’s program, one of his casual jokes caused him to seek an apology.

During a playful chat in the house, Abhijeet pranked Salman Khan and pretended to be the Bigg Boss presenter. He was seen offering the participants some guidance, during which he revealed that Rakhi Sawant had hired Ritesh as her husband. He said, “Rakhi bhade ka pati laayi hai.”

While it went out for a miss at the time, Ritesh’s outrage and disappointment caused Rakhi to bring it up the next morning. While challenging Abhijeet’s statement, the actress shouted and expressed her anger at him. “Tu bhade ka tattu hai,” she shouted as she screamed at him, and then inquired as to how he could make such a claim.

Rakhi was spotted throwing Abhijeet’s suitcase and a chair out of wrath, in addition to screaming around the house. Meanwhile, the latter explained that he was only kidding and that Salman had stated something along the same lines. Rakhi was enraged, and she was seen pulling his hair and screaming.

Rashami Desai came in every now and then to help. She attempted to defuse the tension by asking Abhijeet how he would react if it was revealed that he had hired his wife.
Abhijeet realized his error and apologized to Rakhi for making a derogatory remark about Ritesh, her spouse.

Later, he complained to Bigg Boss about how everyone in the house is always acting and that this is not a reality show. “Koi reality show nahi , “Yaha sab acting chalti hai.”

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